Hey, Trucking Community!

Asphalt Events is a project founded by Sammy & DubStepMad to bring a modern and feature packed convoy/event advertising service. We want to work with you the community to bring all the features you could want and more from our services which we provide. Whether your a solo player, small group of friends or even a well known VTC we want to hear your voice!

Come say hi or make our todo list just a little bit longer in our Discord server.

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Multi-Route Planning

With our multi-route event system, you will find our amazing planner will be the perfect tool you only need to help you advertise your event.

VTC Editors

With our system which allows you to choose a list of editors for your VTC Convoys and Events gives you full control.

Attendance Tracking

An easy and understandable attendance tracker which allows you to see what user and when they decided their choice. Also allows you to view the user's profile by clicking on them.

Supporting Languages

We aim to have our website translated into as many languages as possible, this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for our Translation Center and our Translators.